1.Who may participate?
Everyone. However, any submission that has already won an award in any award-winning contest or has been published in a public periodical will not be accepted.
2.How can I enter?
Submissions will be received at the official website
Emails and other methods of submission will not be accepted.
3.When is the submission deadline?
Entry date: September 10th to October 29th, the submission deadline for entries is 24:00 China Standard Time (GMT +8) on October 29th 2019.
4.Do all submissions must be created with a mobile phone?
Yes, all submissions to the CAMON 12 Image Contest must be produced using mobile phones, without restriction as to when you recorded the images or which model of phone you used.
5.What are the rules and restrictions regarding submitting files?
The images or videos submitted may only have been graphically edited using a mobile phone (third-party processing software used on your phone will be accepted). The length of the image's shortest side must be at least 1,000 pixels, and the data volume of a single image shall not exceed 20 MB.
6.Is there a limit to the number of images I can submit?
Each participant will be limited to thirty works at most, with either one photo, one 3x3 story board set, or one video file being considered as a single piece of work.
7. What should I do if I can't upload my images?
If you have any problems while uploading, please contact the organizer at: http://bbs.tecno-mobile.com/forum/camon-aa/352332-ctheworld-photo-contest-is-now-open-for-everyone%EF%BC%81
8. How do I know which category my image belongs to?
Please thoroughly read the description of each category before submitting, and then submit your image to the category that seems the most appropriate to you.
Upload photos of macro shooting.
Upload photos of wide-angle shots.
# lifestyle
Upload photos taken in other formats.
10. What information do I need to provide with my images?
We collect information to provide better services to all our users, you provide us with personal information including username, email, gender, age and a short description for each image you submit, as well as tell us which category you are entering them in.
11. How can I check on the images that I've already submitted?
You can log in to your account's main page on the official website, and then check on the status progress of any images you have uploaded.
12. Why the upload images are not approved?
All participants swear to abide by the relevant laws of their own or resident countries, and shall not use this platform to publish any illegal information, including seditious, pornographic, violent, or terrorist images and/or data. Should any work be found to violate national laws or regulations, or if the organizer believes that a breach of public order or social welfare has been caused, the owner of the offending item will be notified and the item will be disqualified from competition.
13. What is the competition selection process like?
After initial submission, all approved submissions will be reviewed and from these a number will be shortlisted for the next competition phase.
14. What are the prizes?
Big prize: (1 Winner)
Publish in NatGeo Magazine

First prize (1 Winner)
$3,000 worth + CAMON 12

Second prize (1 Winner)
$2,000 worth + CAMON 12

Third prize (1 Winner)
$1,000 worth + CAMON 12

Lucky prize (999 Winners)
Recharge card (4 USD)

15. Do I retain the copyright of any submitted work?
Yes. The copyright of any submitted work will be retained by its creator/submitter. However, all participants should have independent, complete, clear, and uncontested copyright of submitted works. They should also ensure that their works should not infringe on any third party, including copyrights, rights of personality, privacy, and any related rights. All participants will be assenting to the terms of this clause. All legal costs and liabilities arising from the aforementioned clause shall be borne by the participant, and the organizer shall not be liable for such aforementioned infringements, nor their legal costs or liabilities. By submitting work to this competition, entrants accept that TECNO has the right to use their submissions for campaigns and product and brand marketing for two years for free, including but not limited to using submissions in network media, print media, printings, photography exhibitions, retail stores, road shows, digital content, out-of-home media and other marketing activities.
16.How will the organizer notify any winning participants of their prizes?
We will use phone or email to contact any winning participants. We will also simultaneously publish the list of winning contestants on our official website, and TECNO mobile Facebook page, for the convenience of all participants. The list of winning contestants will be officially announced in November 1st 2019.